Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 WCOOP Event #20 Recap

I went broke not too long after my last post finishing about 900th out of 3,400. I hope there weren't too many people out there eagerly awaiting an update. If there were, sorry!

I made a move in kind of a marginal situation on my final hand. I was down to about 17,000 chips and there were 2,700 chips in blinds and antes in the pot so I took a shot with A9 from middle position. Like I said this was a marginal spot to make a move, but my table was SUPER tight and I knew that no one was going to jump the fence with 66. I think the players behind me would have folded hands as good as AJ and 88. As it turns out I ran into KK, missed, and that was it.

The thing that really did me in was just hours of garbage. The only thing that kept me in it was the fact that my table was so tight that I was able to steal the blinds enough to keep my head above water. If I'd been able to build up any kind of stack I would have decimated those players.

Also since I've been getting rocked the past few days I decided to skip the $530 Second Chance. It seemed like time for a break!

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