Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 WCOOP Event #25 Recap

I went from the penthouse to the outhouse very quickly in this one. There were two key hands that did me in and after some analysis I'm 95% sure I did the right thing in both.

In the first I was dealt AKJJ with 3 hearts. My opponent in this one raised the pot before the flop, I reraised the pot and my opponent called. The flop came down A 9 2 with two spades and my opponent checked. I decided to be aggressive and bet the pot which was about 3,000. My opponent thought for a moment and then went all in for about 8,000. My first inclination was to fold, but after some thought I decided that my opponent couldn't have AA in his hand since he no doubt would have reraised before the flop with it and there wasn't any reason to think he had 99 or 22 either. It was much more likely a flush draw and since I only hand to put in 5,000 more to win close to 15,000 I decided to call. Also I'd be left with more than an average stack even if I lost.

It turns out my opponent had 9TJQ with 3 spades. After the flop I was 43.54% to win, but another spade showed up and I lost the pot.

In the other hand that went against me I was dealt AAQ2 with the A2 of clubs and the AQ of diamnonds. This is a monster starting hand and I was happy to see a small raise a call and a pot sized raise in front of me. My pot sized reraise was about 5,000 which left me with about 15,000 in reserve when I saw the flop with one other player. The flop came down K63 with two clubs.

Once again it was go time. My opponent checked and I bet the pot which was about 2/3 of my chips. When he instantly reraised me I knew he had KK in his hand and had hit top set, but I was stuck since his reraise was pretty insignificant and I had the nut flush draw. When he showed his hand he had AKK9. Before the flop I was 72.98% to win and after the flop I was 29.27%. The turn and river were both bricks and I was left with about 3,000 chips. Those went soon after and that was it.

Pretty disapointing since I'd gotten off to another great start.

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