Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2008 WCOOP Events #23 and #24 Recap

Today was such a shitty day. I ended up going broke in the lowball about an hour and a half into it. On the final hand all the money went in before the draw and my opponent and I both took one card. We were drawing about the same and both caught a terrible cards, but mine was a little worse.

In the $320 with rebuys second chance I never really made any progress and to be perfectly honest I've forgotten how I went broke.

In the $530 with rebuys I got off the blocks quick and kept my foot on the gas. At my peak I have over 55,000 chips and was well into the top 100 with 500 players left. Then two hands did me in. In the first I raised with 66 and got reraised by a guy who was a total nut and was in the big blind. It was a small reraise and it was an easy decision to just call. The flop came down 542 and my opponent bet about half the pot which was now pretty sizable. I moved all in thinking even if I was beat I would have at least 6 outs with a 6 making me a set and a 3 making me a straight. I needed one of those 6 outs when my opponent snap called me with AA. The turn and the river brought no help and I was down to about 22,000 chips.

The next hand leading to my demise came when I got dealt 78 of diamonds on the big blind. The first player to act limped in as did the small blind. The flop came down JJT with two diamonds and after a check from the small blind I bet out. I got called by the small blind and the turn came a small diamond. My opponent bet right out and I put him on a jack. I decided to just call and see what came on the river. The river was a blank and my opponent bet again. I decided to trust my read and when all in for only a little more than my opponent bet. Sadly I was up against a queen high flush and down to about 1,000 chips. A few hands later I was out.

I'm confident I did the right thing on both of these hands, but it sucks to go from great shape to out in a few minutes. I was probably 75% to make the money at my peak and it would have been nice to pick up the $2,000+ for just making the money before being faced with tough decisions and bad spots.

To top it all off I got rocked in the cash games again today. My pokerstars account balance had been falling like an anvil thrown from the roof of a tall building over the past 5 days.

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