Thursday, September 25, 2008

40 Days of Pain Day 3

Working all day every day sucks! I've generated a little over 16,000 points in three days which is great, but I have lost about $1,200. Given the swings I've been having that's really not a big deal.

I hope I can find the mental fortitude to make it through these 40 days!


Jennifer said...

If your brain is fried around day 20 and you need one day off, you could consider having one work day while you're here in MD. You could come to our house on a weekday and disappear into the basement. Just a thought, if you're desperate.....

Eebster said...

Working all day every day does suck, but you have to keep it in perspective, Dave... You play poker for a living; lots of people work all day every day for 40 years!