Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back from the Dead!

I've never heard anyone called this before, but I'm a zombie in this $320 NL WCOOP tournament! I was as dead as dead can be and now I'm up walking around. I was down to 2,000 chips after losing AQ to KK (I was actually against another AQ as well and we split a few left over scraps).

In fact I had 1,000 in the big blind and 900 left. I used my entire time bank to wait out a few more people and lock up an extra $50 or so before putting in my last 900. Luckily I had 77 and doubled up against 45. Then I got it all in with AQ vs 77 and K9 and flopped an A and a Q! That put me at 14,000. I was there for a while picking up blinds here and there with all in bets.

Then I blew all in vs a small raise with KQ. I got called by A8 and the flop came J95 all diamonds. I had the K of diamonds meaning I needed a K,Q, T or diamond. The turn was a blank, but I hit a diamond on the river and now I'm back to 31,000. I still have less than half of average and am in 151st of 187, but with blinds of 600/1,200 I still have plenty of time to wait for good spots to get my money in the pot.

Right now I'm guaranteed to return $834, and I need to get to 90th or better to get even for the $215 second chance and the $920 I dropped in the Omaha.

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Kristen said...

excellent comeback! I couldn't believe that those morons couldn't understand why you would use wait for the next level. Duh..if someone were to offer you $50 just to sit still for 2 minutes it would be silly not to do that!! keep up the good work!