Sunday, September 14, 2008

Event #20 Underway!

We started today's $1,050 NL Hold'em tournament with 3,467 players. When you consider that we all started with 15,000 chips and blinds of 25/50 it's not surprsing that they've made this one a two day event. The edge of the money is 540th place which pays $1,733. The top six spots all pay over $100,000 and first place is $468,045. At worst I'd give myself a 1 in 2,500 chance of outright victory despite the fact that I've lost a third of my stack already (I lost a top pair to a straight, top set to a straight, and had to bail on QQ on the turn on one hand).

In other news I've totally been getting my ass kicked the past three days. I've lost about $3,000 playing $10/$20 in only a few thousand hands and another $1,000 playing non WCOOP tournaments. As I'm sure you know, I've also gotten blanked in the WCOOP during that same stretch. It's been really miserable and I'm very much looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

Of course a nice finish is either the main WCOOP or the second chance (which is $530 NL Hold'em) could wipe all that away.

I'll keep you posted.

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