Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Zombie Has Found a Hatchet!


This has been a startling comeback! A little while after my last post I picked up AQ and raised t0 3,600. The player in the big blind Uncledrkmeat (who for some reason was one of two players who didn't understand why I waited for my whole time bank to be used before going all in to pick up a free $50 when I only had 2,000 chips - even after I explained it to them!!!) went all in for about 24,000. I had to call and was hoping to see anything by AA, KK, QQ or AK. He had JJ, but I flopped two aces and turned a queen!'

A little while later a player limped in under the gun for 1,600. I was on the button with AT of spades and decided to just call. At this stage, 7+ hours into a tournament the only thing that makes any sense to call first to act is AA or KK. Since I had an ace I put him on KK.

The flop came down AA5! BINGO BABY! The blinds checked and the player who had limped bet out and I just called. The turn was a J, he bet again and I just called again. If he had garbage I wanted to give him every chance to bet again and if he had KK as I suspected I figured he'd pay me off on the river. The river was a 5 and he put me all in for another 22,000! I snap called and he showed 44!

This is a case where going unconventional made me a ton of chips. Your average player would have raised the flop or the turn, but by just calling I induced a major bluff and took down a big pot.

I'm up to 84,000 and in 64th of 92!!!

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