Sunday, September 14, 2008

WCOOP Update

We're about 4.5 hours into Event #20. We started with 15,000 chips and for the first 2.5 hours or so I was hovering between 8,000 and 10,000. Then I picked up TT with the blinds at 300/600. The cutoff made it 1,800 and I reraised to 5,400. The flop came T55! BINGO! I thought it might be too suspicious to check so instead I bet out small firing 1,800 into the pot. My opponent just called and the turn came a blank.

I thought if I checked here it would look like I'd reraised with a hand like AK and had decided to give up on it. My opponent thought for a moment and then went all in with AJ. My plan worked perfectly, I instantly called and doubled up.

I won another nice pot when I called a min raise out of the small blind with K7 suited and made a flush. That one put me up to about 33,000, but since then I've faded down to 22,000. We're down to 1,100 players which means that half of the remaining field makes the money, but I have about half of average and am in 903rd place.

On the other hand the blinds are only 500/1000 so I have plenty of chips to continue for a while. I think I need 2 big hands to make the money with a comfortable stack and maybe just one to sneak in.

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