Friday, November 07, 2008

FTOPS Event #3 Underway

Sorry for the lack of a preview! Event #3 is no $322 no limit hold'em with 1 rebuy and 1 add on. Basically it's a $922 NL hold'em with deep stacks. Looks like about 800 players. Wish me luck!

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Raj said...

Dear Dave,

Late to wish you luck, but apparently even you have not posted the recap of event 2.

Congratulations for your 2nd place finish in the second event.

What happened finally, did you make it to the money or not.

I am reading your blog every day and would have loved to play these events myself. I consider myself to be good in the Short Hand variation .

Other games I am good at or shall I say I love are Stud H/L, Omaha H/L and Razz.

Unfortunately, no time to play as lot of work to do.

I just love poker and am relaunching a poker website in future to express this love for the game.

Wish you all the best for future events. I will keep on checking.

Au Revoir,