Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Twenty Days of Pain!

Seems like it should be easy right? After all I did 40 (ok 38!) days of pain not too long ago and these days of pain will require the same 5,000 base FPPs a day that those did.

Well you didn't factor in the fact that I've totally forgotten how to play! TDOP day 1was, well, painful. After a long (well deserved, and very pleasant) vacation I came back and had one of my ten worst days of the year! ACK!

I lost something like $3,000, but I did manage to hit my 5,000 point goal. Of course it had been a while since I actually looked at my bank account balance after massive cashouts from my fulltilt account so I'm not exactly in a panic. After all November was one of my best months ever, and even if I get killed in December this is still going to be a banner year.

In other news while the glory of the FTOPS X is still burning bright in the recent past, my next major shot at glory is on the horizon. It's come to my attention that there is a set of tournaments at the L.A. Poker Classic which fit my skill set like a pair of old sneakers.

The L.A. Poker Classic takes place every year at the Commerce Casino, (in the Los Angeles area) which is the largest brick and mortar (as they say) poker room in the country (or the world, I can never remember). In fact the Commerce and more specifically the L.A. poker classic was the site of the first poker tournament I ever played with a buy in of more than $1,000 (it was $1,500 NL hold'em in 2004 and I finished 64th of 308).

In 2009 the classic is going off over a period of 30+ days mostly in February. There is a stretch of 6 tournaments on consecutive days that all have buy ins between $1,000and $2,000 going off from the 10th to the 15th (I think). 5 are NL hold'em and the other is HORSE!

Since my wife's family lives in nearby Orange County it's very convenient for me to make it to the area, and it's now on my official schedule. Backers, grease up you wallets because this will be another chance to make some easy money. I'll keep you posted on all the details in the near future!

I'm hoping day 2 of the TDOP is a little less painful!

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