Sunday, June 07, 2009

Event #19 Preview

Event #19 is $2,500 6 handed no limit hold'em. 6 handed no limit can be challenging. With fewer players at the table, weaker hands become more valuble and there are more confrontations. In order to win you have to do things you wouldn't do in a 9 or 10 handed game. The worst thing you can do playing short handed is be timid. I've decided ahead of time to be anything but. I'm playing this one to go deep. Balls out, lay it on the line poker. If I go broke early so be it.

I made the money in this event last year and I play short handed poker all the time so hopefully I'll have a strong showing. This is the only event going off Monday and it starts at noon. I'll put up a post about my results Monday night or Tuesday morning.

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