Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's Almost Time!

I'm off to Vegas in the morning and by this time tomorrow I'll be playing my first event of the 2009 World Series of Poker. I've never been more confident heading into a WSOP. It helps that I made a stong showing in LA (as well as in my last few major series of online tournaments) and the last ten days or so have been one of the best stretches I've ever had playing cash games.

I know it sounds insane to say that I'm not sweating the money when I'm going to play $20,000 or so in tournaments in the next two weeks. But I'm not sweating the money. I've just been doing so well lately that I know there's another dollar right around the corner. I'm hoping this feeling is going to allow me to play my best (which I've also been doing lately) and take the big risks when they are warranted.

Now for an Event #14 Preview! Event #14 is $2,500 6 handed limit hold'em. This is my specialty. If I had to pick one tournament to put all of my money on this would be the one. There is also a $2,500 no limit event that day at noon, so I'm hoping that some players who bust out of that one early come take their shot.

Plenty of no limit players look down on limit players for some reason. I guess it's like the difference between a fighter pilot and a cargo pilot. But in the same way that flying those two types of planes might seem similar on the surface with major differences underneath, no limit and limit hold'em require vastly different skills to play at the highest level. Similalry playing 6 handed vs 9 or 10 handed requires different skills. As a result I expect that even players who are greatly superior to me in the grand poker scheme (and there are fewer and fewer of those these days) will have a tough time against me in this tournament.

I'll put up an update at the end of day 1! Until then, just think how great it would be if I knocked the first one out of the park!

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