Monday, June 01, 2009

My WSOP Schedule Revisited

I'm off to Vegas on Friday for my 5th trip in as many years to the World Series of Poker. Now that all of my backers have given me their share of the money, I know there are at least a dozen of you who are eager to hear more about my schedule, plans and which events I'll definitely be playing vs which ones I might miss.

Let me start by saying that there is still no chance of my playing the $1,000 ladies only event even though I'm sure I could sneak in if I just put on a dress. I mean we've all seen six foot five bearded women before right?

My flight arrives just after noon on Friday which should give me plenty of time to register for the tournament, check in to my room at the Rio, get some food and take a nap. By the time the tournament starts I should be in top form.

My first tournament is $2,500 buy in 6 handed limit hold'em at 5 pm. Clearly it's 100% that I'll be playing that one! On Day 1 (like all the 5 pm start time events) we'll play eight 60 minute levels with a 20 minute break every two levels and a 60 minute dinner break after level #4. Play will resume the next day at 2 pm.

The next day (June 6th) I'm planning on playing $1,500 7-card stud which is also at 5 pm (All of the tournaments start day 1 at either noon or 5 pm). I'm not sure how long they'll allow late registration, but I assume they will for at least an hour if not two. So unless I make it 4 hours into day two of the 6-max limit I'll be playing this one (I'd give it 90% overall)

June 7th is a blank day for me. The events that day are ladies only NLH and $10,000 Omaha hi-lo. Of course I hope to be in day 2 of the 7 card stud or at the final table of the 6-max limit.

June 8th bring me back to the action with $2,500 no limit 6 handed (Close to 100% that I'll play this one). I made the money in this event last year. This event starts at noon so we'll play ten 60 minute levels with a 90 minute dinner break after level 6 before day 1 is over. We'll resume the next day at 2.

June 9th is the $3,000 HORSE which happily is at 5 pm. That means even if I make day 2 of the 6 max NL I'll have to go at least 3 hours deep on day two to miss the start of the HORSE. I think I'll have to finish in the top 2%-3% of the NL to miss the HORSE (95% chance I'll make this one).

June 10th is also a blank which is fine because with the late start of the HORSE and the fact that the larger buy in tournaments come with more chips, it's maybe 50% (or higher) that I'll make day 2.

June 11th $1,500 No limit hold'em. There at six $1,500 NLH events at this years WSOP and they draw the weakest players. That one is at noon(Close to 100% chance of playing this one).

June 12th is $1,500 limit hold'em. If I make it to day two of the NLH from the day before I might still play this one. It will depend on my stack size. If I'm on fumes in the NLH I'll sigh up for and play the first two hours of the limit. Then I'll go back to the no limit and just get slowly blinded off in the limit. I'll jump back and forth on my breaks and play them both until I get eliminated from one or the other. That's a real balls to the wall thing to do, but I wouldn't be the first person I've seen do this (90% chance of playing this one).

June 13th, guess what? Another $1,500 no limit hold'em also at noon. If I'm still in the limit from the day before or I'm just beat I'll skip this one since it's nothing special (60% chance of playing this one)

June 14th, more HORSE! This one $1,500 and at 5 p.m. Again given the late start it's very likely that I'll play this one (95% chance).

June 15th $2,000 no limit hold'em. This one is at noon and I will gladly skip it if I'm still in the HORSE which is likely given the late start (50% chance of a skip). I don't care as much about the no limit hold'em tournaments (except for the main event!) I think my edge is much greater in the other games and while all of these WSOP tournaments are VERY important to me, the NLH events have to take a back seat to the others.

June 16th, more $1,500 no limit hold'em at noon (85% chance of playing)!

June 17th is my planned departure date.

Here is a summary:

Friday June 5th - $2,500 6 handed limit hold'em
June 6th - $1,500 Seven Card Stud
June 7th - Off
June 8th - $2,500 no limit hold'em 6 handed
june 9th - $3,000 HORSE
June 10th - The HORSE starts at 5 pm so I'm hoping I'll make it to day 2)
June 11th - $1,500 No Limit Hold'em
June 12th - $1,500 limit hold'em
June 13th - $1,500 No limit hold'em
June 14th - $1,500 HORSE
June 15h - $2,000 No Limit Hold'em
June 16th - $1,500 No Limit Hold'em

July 6th $10,000 No Limit Hold'em Main Event.

While I'm planning to leave on the 17th if I really kick ass, I might stay a few more days. There is a $2,000 NLH on the 18th, a $2,000 limit on the 19th, a $1,500 no limit on the 20th and a $2,500 8-game mixed event on the 21st.

I'd really like to play that mixed event, but I'm sure I'm going to be missing home and my family. My wife and son as well as close friends are going to be visit the second weekend so I won't have been on my own the whole time but it's draining to spend so much time on the road. I'll have to make a game time decision.

Also I just saw that there is a $10,000 limit event on june 15th at 5 pm. If I've knocked one out of the park before then I'll gladly skip the other tournament that day and the one the day after and go big!

I'll do my best to put up individual event previews as we go, I'll probably put up one more post before I leave town and if anyone has any questions please put up a comment.

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