Wednesday, August 05, 2009

FTOPS XIII Event #1 ($216 NLH) underway

We kicked off FTOPS XIII with 5,712 players fighting it out for a piece of the $1,142,400 prize pool. Of course everyone's eye is on the $195,350 1st place prize, but I know plenty of the entrants would settle for the $343 that 720th place pays.

I got off to a hot start making a set of tens on an A T 2 flop. I'd reraised preflop from the small blind and was thrilled when my continuation bet on the flop got raised. I thought about dropping the all in bomb right there, but decided to let my opponent keep the lead and just called. To my dismay my opponent checked behind me on the turn and folded to my river bet, but it was still a sizeable pot.

Shortly after that I made top pair on a ten high flop with QT. I fired the whole way and got called the whole way by AT. Luckily the river was a Q and I'd just about doubled my starting stack of 5,000 chips.

Unfortunalety that brief glory was followed by a series of miscues. During said miscues I gave back all of my profits plus some and was down to 3,500. Luckily a dude with K3 who flopped a 3 went nuts when I had an overpair so an hour and a half in I have 7,500 chips. We've only lost 1,500 players so there is still a long way to go.

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