Thursday, August 06, 2009

FTOPS XIII Event #1 Results

I have to say that after my strong start I did not have any luck. I got a slew of what I would describe as marginally playable hands and I played them, but never really connected hard with a flop. I fired out a few bluffs, but ran into real hands (or super dynamite expert re-bluffs) every time.

In the end I got my money in good. In fact you will almost never come across a situation where moving all in preflop is such a clear choice. The blinds were something like 120/240 and a player 2 off the button made it 700 to go. The button called and I was in the big blind with 3,500 chips and AK suited. That is go time if I have ever seen it.

Surprisingly the original raiser moved all in for 10,000 or so (I think) with KQ. He flopped a Q and that was it.

Tomorrow $322, six handed quadruple shootout!

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