Saturday, September 19, 2009

50,000 FPP HORSE!

It's underway with 24 players. Pokerstars added a $10,300 seat to the prize pool so we're looking at an overlay of $429 per person! That means if you were the average player in this tournament (the 12th best) and you played this tournament 1,000 times you'd expect to be ahead $429,000. An overlay like this almost never comes along.

In other good news if we'd have gotten one more player, the tournament would have paid 3 $10,300 entries with everyone else getting nothing. Instead it pays 2 entries and 3rd through 13th get their 50,000 FPPs back (14th gets 25,000 FPPs). This kind of payout structure is greatly preferable when you're playing a little outside of what your bankroll can support long term.

An hour in we've lost one player and I'm up from 3,000 chips to 4,400 which puts me in 5th. This tournament has 10 minute limits so it's not going to take too long.

In other FPP satellite news I don't have enough FPPs to play the 25,000 FPP satellite to the main event later today. I had enough time to earn them when I saw that tournament on the schedule, but got a little lazy. It starts at 1:40 so there is some chance that I'll finish in the top 14 in this one between now and then and then I'll play.

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