Friday, September 18, 2009

The Edge of Possibility

I've had two runs in the past two days that have been on the edge of what is possible at the stakes I'm playing.

Yesterday I lost $3,000 in 1,000 hands playing no higher than $10/$20. Things have been going well lately so I'm all but sure I didn't tilt. I just couldn't connect with a flop! And when I did I'd hit it so hard no one could call (If the flop is A 7 3 and you have AA, there aren't to many hands that are going to give you action). Of course I took some bad beats too, but mostly is was just missing flop after flop, and my opponents calling me down with worse and worse hands (not easy to bluff when you keep showing bluffs!). I don't think 1,500,000 hands of limit hold'em I've ever lost 150 big bets in 1,000 hands.

I would bet that I could see 100% of flops regardless of action and not lose $3,000 in 1,000 hands.

Today the dead opposite! $2,300 to the good in 300 hands! I won 29 of 35 hands at showdown (compared to about 35% yesterday). 115 big bets in 45 minutes is unprecedented in my poker career. I just couldn't miss.

I might not see a run like either of these anytime in the next few years and they happened on back to back days!

Still right around 17K in the limit. I might play the $215 No limit Omaha-8 at 5:00.

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