Thursday, September 03, 2009

Event #1 Recap

I finished 4,323rd. Once the blinds got significant I had a ton of tough decisions.

The first one came when I made a bluff that didn't work out, but could have if I fired one more barrel. With blinds of 50/100 the player in the cutoff made it 300 to go and I called out of the big blind with 97 of hearts. The flop came down K 6 4, I checked and my opponent bet 400. I decided to make a move thinking if my opponent didn't have a king he couldn't call a raise. I made it 1,200 and my opponent called.

The turn brought the 3 of hearts which gave me a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. I bet 2,000 into the 3,000 chip pot and again my opponent called. Now I was pretty sure he had a K and figured I needed to hit to win. The river was a ten, we both checked and he took the pot with 67. After that hand I was down to about 6,000.

A few hands later I got dealt TT. The first player to act made it 300 to go and I reraised to 900. To my surprise the small blind called the 900 which looked like AA or KK to me.

The flop came down 778 and both of my opponents check to me. This was a really tough spot. I had an overpair, but also a read that I was up against an overpair. In retrospect I think I should have trusted my read a little more and just checked. But I bet 1,500 and got called by the small blind. The other player folded, the turn came out another 7 and my opponent moved all in. I wanted to call, but decided to fold. After that hand I was down to about 3,500.

I caught a nice break a few hands later when I reraised a player all in with TT and he called with 99. All of a sudden I was back to 7,000.

Miscellaneous hands here and there took me back down to 3,500 and then I got it all in preflop with AQ suited vs AK. No miracles and that was it.

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