Sunday, September 06, 2009

Event #11 Recap

This tournament was really boring. I got AA once and KK twice and stole the blinds all three times. Other than that it was a garbage fest.

Two hands come to mind that did me in. On the first I called a small raise with T9s. Another player called behind me and the flop came down J 9 7 giving me a pair and a gutshot straight draw. The initial raiser checked and I bet 900 into a pot of about 1,000. The player behind me called and the initial raiser folded. The turn was a king giving me a few more outs if I was beat.

I thought about checking but decided to fire again betting 2,000. My opponent raised me to 5,000. Now there was 10,000 in the pot and it would cost me another 3,000 to see if I could make my straight. This is a close situation. If the only thing that's going to give me the pot is a straight and I'm not going to get anything out of my opponent with a bet on the end if I hit, then I should fold. If a 9 or a ten makes me the best hand as well as a straight then it's a clear call. I was thinking that a straight or a 9, but not a ten would make me a winner, and that my opponent would call a small bet on the river if I hit.

The river was a 7 and I checked. My opponent also checked and showed me T8 meaning he flopped a straight!

That hand took me from 14,000+ to 8,000. I've forgotten how I dropped to 4,500, but that's where I was when the hand that did me in came up.

The blinds were 75/150 with an ante and a player in middle position raised to 400. I was in the big blind with 89 and decided to take a flop. When the cards came out I was looking at Q T 8. I didn't exactly knock it out of the park, but that wasn't a total miss either. I checked and my opponent bet out 625 into the pot of about 1,000.

Folding or calling were options I considered here, but in the end I figured it was time to go for it. There was a fair chance I had the best hand (or that my opponent would fold, since I didn't think he'd call me with a worse hand), and if I didn't, an 8, 9 or J should make me a winner. I moved all in and my opponent called me with KQ. I was 32% to win after the flop, but I didn't get there and that was it.

I won $800 in the cash games while I was playing though so I'm not feeling too bad. It's making me wonder why the hell I'm playing these damn tournaments!

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Anthony said...

I can think of 472 thousand and one reasons why you're playing in the tourney. The one being the feeling that comes with all the rest.