Saturday, September 05, 2009

Event #7 $215 PL 5-card Draw underway

We started with 844 players each with 5,000 chips. Since pokerstars guaranteed a $200,000 prize pool and there weren't enough players to meet that guarantee they had to add $18,500 to the prize pool. That's $22 a person, but since normally they'd be taking $15 a person out of the prize pool it's $37 a person in value that wouldn't be there if we hit 1,000 entrants.

After 2 hours of play I have 4,500 chips. I snapped off a major bluff in the first few hands and was up to 8,500, but thing have been pretty dry since then.

In the 50,000 FPPP satellite we started with 38 players which meant a much more significant $271 per player overlay! We started with 3,000 chips each and with 18 players left I have 3,750. The average stack is 6,400 and I need to finish in the top 4 to win $10,300.

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