Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Future of This Blog

More and more I've been getting comments from people I've never met who say they enjoy reading my blog. I also keep finding out that old friends and acquaintances have been reading. These people aren't all extremely poker savvy or aren't so much interested in the pluses and minuses of my daily results, but rather the experiences an emotions of playing poker for a living. So I'm going to make an effort to be a little less results based and a little more colorful in my posts. Not sure if I'll stick to it, but that's my intention.

Now completely contrary to the spirit if this post let me say WCOOP event #34 ($215 NLH with big antes) is underway! 3,650 players to start and an hour in we're down to 3,000 or so. I'm up from 5K all the way to 5,200! Look out! 1st place $114,610.

Now in the spirit of this post let me say I got drunk as a skunk last night and don't really feel like playing today! We had a dinner party for about 10 people and I over did it. One of the biggest benefits of this job is being able to do stuff like stay up until 2 in the morning boozing it up and then be able to sleep in the next day. After 6 years of that kind of freedom I'm not sure I could ever handle a 9 to 5 job.

Anyway, I'm a little foggy this afternoon, but the show must go on! Results (hopefully good ones!) later.


Luis said...

Hi Dave!
Hope you reach ITM on this one. Let's see if you can make it the number one prize!
Dave, I must be honest with you, what first enjoyed more on your blog and was the main reason that I found on the Internet was the Supernova Elite quest. Because that it is something that I would like to achieve (long term goal).

Second, what I like more is your daily or weekly reports on your life as a poker player, because that is an issue that I am studying and I would like to have the talent to do in a near future.

Third, I certainly like to read yout tournaments and cash games results and also your comments about the way some players make their moves.

DeRustZelve said...

Hey Dave,

I haven't linked to your blog from my petty blog for nothing!

Sure I enjoy reading about your experiences, I check for them almost every day.

Pls keep it up!