Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hyper-Turbo Report

It was pretty interesting playing these 8-game hyper-turbo satellite tournaments. They lasted about 15 minutes our just long enough to play each of the 8 games in the mix for one 2 minute level.

The fact that the first two games were triple draw lowball and limit hold'em worked to my advantage because I'm great at 6 handed limit hold'em, and most of the other players were bad at triple draw.

My friend Matt Lessinger plays A TON of hyperturbo satellite torunaments (they run this style of tournament often) and he is very good at stalling at the right times and playing fast at others to insure that he doesn't get screwed by the blinds. For example in these tournaments the third game in the mix is Omaha-8 and the fourth game is razz. So during the switch between those games you go from a game with blinds to a game with antes. It is very disadvantageous to take the big blind right before you switch to a game where everyone antes the same amount every hand.

I wish I could say I did a great job of "managing the clock," but I didn't.

I played 15 $40.80 tournaments, 20 $51, tournaments, 6 $81.60 tournament, and 1 $116 tournament.

6 times I won the $320 seat (since you can't play the tournament more than once, after the first one you get $W which are dollars you can use for any other WCOOP related tournament), and three times I won a cash prize ($260, $280, and $80).

I should have won two more $320 prizes. On the first I played a hand and lost where I think I probably just could have waited it out. In the second I lost in the NL hold'em with KK vs 34 in a situation where we were playing 3 handed, two spots paid and I had the other guy all in.

In the end I showed a net profit of $176. Not earth shattering, but not nothing.

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