Friday, September 11, 2009


Today was one of the ten worst days of my poker career. I got totally decimated in the cash games, bricked in the $215 with rebuys and am pretty much dead in the Omaha. Not in the mood for a full update right now. In fact I might take tomorrow off to get myself back in the right mindset.

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Luis said...

Hi Dave! Do not let those emotions "eat" your mind. You are one of the most sucessfull poker that i know.
It is hard when that negative variance hits our skill, but you are very skillfull player, better times to come i am sure. I you (as a person) are bigger than any bad beat and bad luck.

This is a link to a training site that has some video series.

This one video series "The eightfold to poker enlightenment" is awesome.
If you can, please view:
- episodes 3 (Awareness and tilt control)
- episode 6 (How to protect your toughts)
- Episode 8 (Tilt definion/control)

Best regards!