Friday, September 04, 2009

WCOOP Update

My internet (and TV!) was out for a full 24 hours, but the problem seem to be fixed. This morning my wife Jen spoke to our cable and internet provider Comcast and they said out whole area was having problems. At 11:00 or so we saw a comcast truck pull up near out house and 15 minutes later the TV and internet started working again. 15 minutes after that I went up to my desk looked out a different window and saw FOUR MORE COMCAST TRUCKS! I guess someone in my neighborhood has some clout!

So WCOOP should go according to plan today hopefully. I have 6 handed PLO has already started, but I'm going to register late for, and $109 8-game mixed games at 5:00 PT.

In other news I forgot about the Second Chance tournaments! 3 hours after every WCOOP event they offer a tournament with the same game and format, but smaller buy in and shorter levels. These tournaments are designed to give people who busted out of the main WCOOP events another chance to win some money and get even. Guess who are the best players to play against? The ones who bust out early and are trying to get even. Of course there will be other strong players in these tournaments, but they still should be quite profitable. I'm not going to play them all, but I'm going to play the majority of them.

Note to my backers: The second chance tournaments will be part of the package so you have a piece of that action! If for some reason you do not want a piece of the second chance tournaments let me know ASAP. Your max loss is still the same and I'm still working with a $20,000 bankroll. If for some reason I get totally bamboozled in second chance tournaments, satellites and WCOOP events I will cut out a few of the higher buy in less desirable tournaments on my schedule.

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