Friday, October 30, 2009

We're Going Streaking!

I am on a great run! Today I won $1,500 in a few short hours of play on Cake and Absolute poker.

There is this movie Knockaround Guys (which is an OK movie) starting Vin Diesel, Seth Green, and a few other people you might have heard of that I think about sometimes when I'm playing on these other sites.

In the movie the main characters who are a bunch of New York (I think) gangsters, and sons of mafia types who are major king pins, lose a bag of money with hundreds of thousands of dollars in it. They know what town it ended up in, but don't know who has it. So their plan is to go to the toughest bar then can find in the town, find the toughest guy in that bar, and beat the shit out of him. That way everyone in the town will be interested in helping them find their money.

In the online poker world, pokerstars is New York and if you're a tough guy there than you're a tough guy anywhere. While I'm not the mafia boss, I'm certainly a wise guy and sometimes I feel like I'm beating the shit out of the toughest guys in the suburbs.

I'm on one of my best streaks ever. I've won 10 days in a row with no win of less than $500!

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