Friday, May 07, 2010

A Big 4 days of SCOOP Action

Brick city in the Mixed hold'em and the 7-card stud. Not much to tell. If you want a little more detail you can look back at my twitter updates.

At 11 PT Friday I have $162 NLH with antes from the start and I might play $55 limit Omaha 8 at 3.

On Saturday I have $215 triple shootout in the morning and then $22 and $215 limit turbo (5-minute limits) at 5 PT.

On Sunday we're back with $215 NLH "big antes" (not sure exactly what that means) in the morning and $215 NLH in the afternoon

Monday is $162 PL hold'em/PLO at 11 am, and maybe $11 and $109 with rebuys turbo at 5 pm.

Tuesday is going to be an off day with 5 days of SCOOP after that.

It only takes one good one to make this whole thing a big success.

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