Thursday, June 10, 2010

WSOP Event #18 Day 2 Preview

To start here is a list of the payouts if you want to check them out. Also here is a list of the chip counts going into day 2.

We get underway at 2:30 with 109 players left. I'm in 79th place. When we go back we'll have 10 more minutes of playing 800/1,600 stakes (400/800 blinds) before we go to 1,000/2000.

The average stack is 26,200 which means if I can win one good pot I'll be there. It's also very heartening to see that the chip leader only has 87,000 and I only need to get to 55,000 to be in the top 5.

Today the plan is to play 8 levels or down to the final table. I'd guess that it will be 8 levels and the top 20 or so will come back tomorrow.

The $1,500 7-card stud event goes off at 5 and I can register as late as 7:15 so if I don't make it in the limit, I'll likely play that tournament as planned.

But fuck that. Anything can happen. I'm only 108 players away from winning the title and $200,000.


DeRustZelve said...

go and do it dave!

I ll follow the live reporting for moral support

For is you din't know: seat 5 Rob Hollink won the 10000 limit trny 2 years ago. But he's doable!

Mojo from Holland & GOOD LUCK!

Jennifer said...

Do it!