Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PFP Session #11 - Sometimes an Anvil Falls on Your Head

I'm going to keep this recap of my last session brief, because it was not all that interesting and it was another tough day. Once again I was at the $15/$30 at the Oaks and once again I had trouble finding a pot.

I played for 3 hours and during that time I won 5 pots when I should have won around 12 if I was winning my fair share. The pots I won involved the following: I flopped two sets with AA, I hit a 7 with A7 and it was good, I won with unimproved pocket sevens and I made a flop bet where two opponents folded. These type of pots have one thing in common - they're all going to be small. Even the sets of aces were small pots. In that situation there has to be an ace on the board, I'm always going to have come in raising, and there is only one ace in the deck that's unaccounted for, so barring heavy preflop action or action from draws or something uncommon it's not easy to win a big pot under those circumstances.

Even though I wasn't dragging pots, I was getting good starting cards. I got QQ twice (lost with a set on one of them), JJ twice, AK once (an ace flopped and I was up against AA - GAH!), and AQ three times. None of them came home. Along with a smattering of small pairs, suited connectors, other playable hands and paying the blinds it was a steady drain. I felt like I played well, but 9 or 15 or 18 chips at a time my stack slipped away.

I ended up losing $1,340.

The good news is even though I've had three losses in a row - two of which are what I'd call "Max Losses" (i.e. I'm not going to lose too much more than $1,300 at a $15/$30 before I decide to walk away and fight another day) - I'm still in the black. I know that sometimes an anvil falls on your head at the poker table, and it can be followed by a safe and a piano and that's why my plan for The Project has always been to play 25-30 sessions so it will - to some degree - even out. One of these sessions I'm going to be the one dropping the anvils.

Over the course of Project Flying Panther I'm ahead $658 after 41 hours of play.

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