Thursday, July 25, 2013

Project Flying Panther Session #9 - Tired Panther

I made it to the Oaks over the weekend, but I was with a friend who wanted to play low stakes. I won $360 playing $6/$12, but by Wednesday I was ready to put in some time on The Project.

I made my way to the Oaks after work and bought in for $400 at the $200 Max game. Over 30 minutes I played one hand of significance where I made it $20 with KQ suited, got 4 callers, bet $75 on a A Q 5 flop with two of my suit, and took it down. With a $56 profit in tow I made my way to $15/$30.

I got off to a good start running my starting stack of $1,000 up to $1,350 in the first hour. But over the course of the next two and a half hours I dropped down to $300 and actually bought more chips so I wouldn't look so short.

I've been pretty fortunate during the project to not have a sustained run of unplayable cards, but that is what happened here - hand after hand of garbage mixed in with a few strong hands that didn't come home.

During this stretch the $30/$60 game broke and some of the regulars made their way in to the $15/$30. This was bad news in the short term, but thinking long term it gave me a change to play against people that I know are solid winning players at the higher stakes. I was actually not impressed. These guys didn't give me any trouble at all. I have to remind myself that I used to play against some of the best players from all over the world on a regular basis and I'm ready for anyone when it comes to limit hold'em.

I was able to make a moderate comeback and ending up losing $399 at the $15/$30 which was a total of a $343 loss for the session. I'm ahead $3,273 for The Project.

On a separate note, I am feeling warn out. I'm doing my best to be a great father and husband, a strong employee at HitFix, a productive poker player and someone who takes care of themselves physically. I'm finding there are not enough hours in the week to give it everything I have and be really outstanding at all of those things. Or rather, there are, but that leaves zero time for anything else. I'm finding a balance, but sometimes it can be overwhelming as I find myself wanting to spend more time on all those things (For the record I actually felt great last night, and I don't think fatigue played in to my loss).

Throwing caution to the wind in terms of workload, I'm going to put in a long session on Friday night and then try to do as much nothing as possible over the weekend. You'll find out on Saturday how that goes.

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