Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Project 10K Session #19 - Hit and Miss

Since I have been crushing mother fuckers left and right I decided to push it and head in to the Oaks for another session on Sunday.

I sat down at $2/$3/$5 and discovered that it was a shockingly tight, passive game for a holiday weekend. It seemed like 45 minutes would pass between pots over $200. I don't really mind this type of game, but one wild player would have made it perfect.

My session boiled down to two big hands, although there was one had that played into the story before those.

On the prologue hand I had A5 of hearts and the flop came down T 4 2 with one heart and two diamonds. I check/called a bet of $20 into a $25 pot against an opponent I'll call Mr. T-Pain (because he was dressed how I imagine T-Pain would be dressed on a casual Sunday).

Bottles of Patron Ooo Ooo Ooo, I bet twenty bucks and now it's on you you you

With a gut shot, an over card, a backdoor flush draw and a plan to fire if a scary card came off I called the $20. The turn was a 5 giving me a little something extra to go with my plan. I check called $30. The river came out the 8 of diamonds completing the obvious flush draw and I decided that was scary enough that I might unload a pair of tens. I bet $75 and got snapped off by Mr. T-Pain's T4 two pair. Drat!

Now on to the main hands! 

In the first there were a couple of callers and then a raise to $35 by a player I'll call Mr. S. Mr. S is a solid player who can make a big laydown and as a result can also get taken off a big hand. One hand in a past session I three bet him preflop, he called and then check folded QQ on a J high flop. On this hand I had 98 of spades and called out of the big blind hoping some of the limpers would come along as well. One of them did and we took the flop 3 way. The cards came out 5 2 2 with two spades and when we checked to Mr. S he made it $75 to go. I could argue for calling here with my flush draw, but I decided to get aggressive and made it $225 to go leaving me another $200 in my stack. If Mr. S had unpaired big cards I'd almost certainly win right there and more of his hand range should be non-pairs than pairs. Also there was always some chance he'd unload a pair when faced with stacking off. I kind of wanted to go all in, but I thought that would scream bluff. After some careful consideration he put me all in, I called and he showed KK. The turn was the T of spades completing my flush and the river was a blank. ZING!

This was by far the biggest hand of the past hour so everyone was watching closely and we talked about it for a couple of minutes after. Mr. S said he'd lost KK three times that day and it was the second time he'd lost to 98.

One round later I was back in the big blind and got dealt Q9 of clubs. Mr. T-Pain came in for a raise to $25 and 4 of us saw the flop. To my delight the flop was three small clubs. No need to draw this time! I quickly checked as did the other players and Mr. T-Pain bet out $75. "This is fucking perfect!" I thought. I'd just check raised a bet of $75 when I was on a draw, I know Mr. T-Pain saw it, and I was pretty sure he wasn't going to forget snapping me off of a bluff earlier. I made it $200 to go and after some careful consideration he went all in for $600! I snap called, the board ran out two red cards and I gobbled up the pot. Yum Yum! He said he had AA with the A of clubs and I believe him.

Making or missing draws can often have a huge effect on your results (like what happened to me in Session #7) and this time I got the double whammy of making my draw and having my opponent miss his in the two huge pots of the night. Also beating KK and AA was pretty sweet too!

In the end I won $1,005 in 2.5 hours. My $10,000 bankroll is at $18,446 after 85 hours.

$99.36 an hour! Take that haters! Oh and just call me T-Pain - Mr. T-pain is my father.

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Jennifer Fleming said...

Go Dave! Go Dave! And kiss your wife for letting you play all this poker with smashing success.