Thursday, September 10, 2015

Project 10K Session #20 - The 12 Shits of Christmas

I rolled into the Oaks on Wednesday coming off 4 wins in a row that netted me about $4,700 knowing that it wouldn't always be so easy and that one of these times I was going to get smushed by the deck no matter how well I played.

There was a long list for the $2/$3/$5 game and I noticed one open seat in a soft looking $15/$30 limit game so I sat down and hoped for some easy decisions.

Mostly that's what I got, but pots didn't end up going my way. I pushed the action with KJ or an Q T X board, missed everything, and got called down against AT. I flopped an A with A8 against AQ. I saw a fair number of flops and just flat out missed.

I did have one hand that stuck out more than those others. I was in the big blind with 97 of hearts and called a raise along with one other player. The flop came down J 5 5 with two hearts, the preflop raiser and I checked, and the other player bet $15 into the $100 pot. I raised to $30, the preflop raiser folded and the other dude 3 bet it to $45. When he bet $15 I was kind of hoping he was just taking a shot at it and I'd be able to win without making my hand, but now I was on to Plan B - making my flush. The turn was a beauty, the 3 of hearts and I check raised him from $30 to $60. To my surprise he 3 bet me to $90! Normally a turn 3 bet in a limit game means the nuts or close to it, but this guy had been in spew mode for about 15 minutes so a good 5 wasn't out of the question. There were no full houses that made any sense and I didn't think he'd three bet me with a flush on a paired board. I thought maybe it was an ace high flush, but it just all seemed fishy and I'd only need to put in another $60 at most to potentially win $370. I paid him off and he had 33! GAH! He three bet bluffed me on the flop and then hit the one card that makes both of us a hand. That turn card might be the sickest shit of Project 10K.

I dropped $550 in about 45 minutes at $15/$30.

I tired to put that behind me and bought in for $500 at $2/$3/$5. But unfortunately I had a huge run of hands that one at a time weren't all that bad, but everyone made me want to say "Shit!"

I raised to $25 with J9 of hearts and got one caller. The flop came down J 5 3 and my opponent check raised me from $35 to $75. I called, missed the turn, he bet $140 and I folded. Shit!

A guy with $100 in front of him opened for $45, I put him all in for $100 with AQ and he had 88. No aces or queens showed up. Shit!

I called $20 with QJ on the button vs a cutoff raiser and then on a K J X flop called $30. The turn was a small card and I raised my opponent from $50 to $125. I could make an argument for calling or folding here, but I decided to be aggressive. He moved all in for $250 more and I folded. Shit!

I called $5 and then a raise to $30 with 66. We saw the flop 4 way and it came down Q 6 3 with two clubs. A set! Hooray! When the action got checked to me I considered betting out because the raiser was a super conservative player and I didn't think he'd bet no matter what into 3 opponents. But as the action got to me, I saw him look down at his chips and I knew he was going to bet. So I checked and as planned he bet $65. Everyone else folded and I figured that if he'd check weak and even marginal hands because of his nature and the number of opponents he must really have something. So I put him all in for $225 and he called right away. He had KK, the turn was a Q and the river was a K! SHIT!

Then I get a free look in the big blind with T 6, the flop comes down 6 6 5 with two clubs and everyone folds to my $15 bet. Shit!

A little later I raise to $25 with KJ and get called by a very amateury guy who I can tell thinks he's pretty good. The flop comes out J 9 9 and Mr. Amateur bets $50. At this point I'm about 99% sure he has a J. Amatery guys who think they are good will always check a 9 here, and this guy didn't have it in him to fire a draw into a preflop raiser such as myself. He was strictly check call with draws and I'd seen him raise with AJ in a similar spot preflop so I ruled that out (along with overpairs) as well. I take my time to feigh uncertainty and just call. The turn is a brick, he pauses for a second and goes all in for $200. I snap call his ass, the river is another brick and as I'm ready to drag my pot he shows KJ and we chop it. Shit!

In the next one I raise to $40 with J8 of spades on the button vs an under the gun straddle after everyone folds to me. Only the small blind calls and the flop comes down 7 3 2 all clubs. He checks and I waive the white flag. Things are not going well today and I'm just not going to fire at this one with total air. I check behind and the turn comes the ace of diamonds. Well shit, I can't not take a shot after an ace comes out. I bet $65 and he thinks for a bit before calling. The river is the Q of clubs, I fold to a bet of $100 and he shows me AT of clubs! I try to give up against a guy who has flopped the joint and I can't just get a 7 or a ten or something on the turn, it has to be an ace! Shit!

I get QQ in the big blind and everyone folds preflop. Shit!

Then I get AA in the small blind someone goes to $40 out of nowhere. I consider calling, but when things aren't going well it's best to keep things simple so I reraise to $100. My opponent quickly folds. Shit!

I never fold the small blind if there is not a raise. I've decided that it's always worth it to throw in that $2 when it gives you a chance to win a few hundred. I'm not sure if it's right to call with the very worst of hands like 72 or 82, but 99% of the time I call the $2. But a lot of the value is in being able to spot times when no one can call and having the confidence to fire. Trying to keep things simple I didn't want to hunt for a thin value bluff. So I mucked 92 for $2, the flop promptly came down Q 9 2 and someone hand just called the $5 with AQ! Normally I'm good about not caring about what I could have made when I've folded, but this time I was like "Shit!"

Then I get AA again. Finally pocket aces! I raise to $15 and get called by only the small blind. The flop comes out J 9 5. My opponent checks, I bet $25 and he shoves for $150. Of course I call and the board runs out K Q. I kind of figure I'm going to lose to QJ or K9 or something when my opponent turns over AT! GAH! He shipped it into my pocket aces with total air and made a runner runner straight. I'm 95% to win when the money goes in there. Shit!

I did manage to win a few small pots in between these shitty hands, but none of them were interesting or larger than $100 and it just turned out when I looked back at my notes that these were the ones that I wrote down. At that point I was losing a little over $1,200 on the night including the -$550 at $15/$30 which was really not all that bad considering.

Then I had a couple of major hands come up.

One the first one there is a raise to $20 from Mr. Amateur, one call and I raise to $60 with AK. Mr. AT from the last hand who is in the middle of a nuclear meltdown where he keeps buying in $200 every 10 minutes for I don't know how long calls the $60 out of the small blind and both of the other guys call as well. There is $240 in the pot and the flop comes down K 9 9 with two hearts. Mr. AT immediately goes all in for $78. At that point Mr. Amateur who is sitting on about $800 asks me to move my arms so he can see how much I have left. Turns out I have $478 in front of me which is fucking awful because I've been there for 4 hours buying back up to $500 every time I get below $400 and I can't put anything together. Anyway the point is, I don't think he's got a 9 if he's worried about how much I have in front of me. After a short delay he just calls, the 4th guy in the pot bails and it's on me. I decide to keep it simple - there is almost $400 in the pot, I have $478 left, it's a draw heavy board and I'm all but sure I have the best hand. That means all in time! I shove and Mr. Amateur thinks for a full minute before folding A5 of hearts face up. The board runs out two black cards and Mr. AT shows 74 of hearts! Note that he called $57 more out of the small blind with 74. It doesn't take much more than one guy like that to make a game hugely profitable.

The next had was just absurd. I call a raise from Mr. Amateur to $25 with 98 of diamonds. Mr. AT shoves for $95 and gets called by the guy in the small blind, and Mr. Amateur. At this point I'm sure that the small blind has a big hand and that it's probably AA or KK. You don't cold call $95 without a huge hand. For me $70 more is a lot to put in with a prospecting hand like 98, but I've got some chips in front of me now and I decide to gamble a bit. The first card off the deck is a 6 and I think "Man it would be great to flop a straight here!" The next two cards are a 7 and a T!! I count 6 7 8 9 10 in my head four times in a second just be sure, sure that I actually had my dream flop come in and did in fact make a straight. Just as I finish confirming that to myself many times the small blind shoves all in for $400! I insta-call and the turn looks like the worst card imaginable, the 9 of clubs putting 3 clubs on board. I briefly consider which profanity I'm going to spout if another club comes off, but the river is a red 3 and I see that I'm up against KK with the K of clubs (as expected) and poor Mr AT who is in the middle of his meltdown has 66 and flopped a set!

Those two got me within a couple hundred dollars of even, but the "shit!" hands picked back up for a bit after that. I had three hands where I put out a bet of about $100 either as a raise on the flop or a bet on the turn and got shoved on all three times. In each case I didn't have anything close to call worthy.

In the end I lost $593 on the night after 6 hours of play. Amazingly even with a large number of hands that didn't go well I only lost $43 at $2/$3/$5.

My $10,000 bankroll is at $17,853 after 91 hours of play. I'm back in action Friday night. If things are going well and I'm feeling good I might go for a 9 hour super session to close this thing out. Especially if I have a shot for my elusive $2K+ win which would get me to double up territory for the project. If not I'll have one more session sometime next week and then I'll recap the project as a whole and what my plan is next.

T-Pain thinks I can do it!

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